Demon Child

I think one of the twins has been raiding the DVD cupboard, clapped eyes on ‘The Omen’, considered it to look a good watch and has had in on repeat, until mastering the traits of the lead character.

Lilly Lou has officially morphed into Damian (aka The Omen) yes the devil child itself.

I do not know when this happened, but as if over night my sweet little Lilly Lou, the quiet one with a shy tendancy toward others, a sweet disposition and a coy look, has become adept at creating havoc and mayhem with a simple shrill scream.

As if pissed with the World – Incredible Hulk style – Lilly begins to turn the colour of a beetroot, the brow furrows, eyes narrow and then the fists ball so tightly she looks as if prepared to go into the ring – Mike Tyson beware!.

This little ball of rage then erupts into a screaching, wailing banshee, ensuring her immediate audience and the World around her knows of her rage.

I am beginning to wonder already if a call to ‘Supernanny’, is required – sooner than expected – to calm my little feral child and restore order to our lives, such is the distress we all suffer at the hands of ‘Damian Mk 2’!

Should I really be expecting such outbursts so young? Why have I been lied to and misled into believing that I still had another 9 months to go before exploring this not so wonderful experience of tantrums?

I am beginning to wonder if we should all be very scared and perhaps begin worshipping her in preparation for the forthcoming apocalypse and take over of the human race, which appears so imminent.

I am all for ‘Devil’ related horror and dramas but come on, I never expected to be raising the Devil itself, a little much of a big ask even if I dare say so!


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